About Us

The story of ask2go starts with a young man with great dreams and anxious spirit who has set up a startup company in a country with huge history and plenty of tourist resources! Greece of course With experience in online travel and with a degree in finance, Giorgos Karavatakis at the age of 25 managed to create a total of 4 startup companies in the tourism sector Ask2go consists of a group of young and highly experienced individuals in the field of tourism.

In 2016 ask2go bought diplomattravel, a 30 years experience travel agency (started its operation in 1987) with IATA license, one of the the first license to be given to Greek companies. This has made our company even stronger and more experienced and has also greatly increased our group’s clientele.

Our group of companies serves a large part of tourism in Europe and the Americas The booking engine we have created is processing more than 3 million travel requests per minute so that our customers can get a complete set of options and prices for airplane, train or ship routes.

Having collected a huge amount of data from daily reservations, we are able to use and process them to make your search experience smoother and more functional.

Through our multilingual day-to-day service, we are confident that we know exactly what’s needed so that the next booking to us is a great experience for you!